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We Have Expanded Our Network Area

OCG completed the 1st segment build out of its Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk counties network in 2005 to serve the submarine landing stations located therein. In 2005, OCG obtained a franchise license from the city of New York to build and operate network in New York City, making OCG one of only seven (7) carriers to hold such privileges. The franchise license has enabled OCG to link its Long Island network and submarine cables to Manhattan to provide seamless underground secure connectivity to New York City metro carrier hotels and enterprise buildings.

After completing the first phases of network builds in Manhattan, OCG built a submarine cable from Brooklyn through Staten Island to New Jersey to offer a Manhattan bypass solution giving telecommunication companies access to more reliable and secure networks, which they required following the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. Enterprise customers and carriers alike use the submarine cable to access transcontinental networks and domestic networks throughout the country from the Long Island landing stations without going through Manhattan.